Ask An Expert – 10 Common Tea Questions Answered

As many of you know, we recently had our resident tea expert Alice Parsons, renowned author of “The Magic of Tea”, do a live Q&A session on our Facebook Page.

Below are 10 questions from that session covering a wide range of topics. If you’re keen to be part of our next session, or have any other questions you’d like Alice to answer, please leave a comment in the comment section below this post…and rememeber to pop over and like the Tea With Alice Facebook Page

1. Which tea region would you love to visit?

2. What’s the world’s most expensive tea?

3. What makes Earl Grey taste the way it does?

4. What’s your favourite herbal blend?

5. Is herbal tea really tea?

6. Once and for all…milk first or tea first?

7. What’s the difference between Earl Grey and Lady Grey?

8. Which tea has the least caffeine?

9. What is the perfect water temperature to make tea?

10. How do you make the perfect cup of black tea?

Have a Question about tea you’ve always wanted answered?


If you love tea but want to know more – more about its origins, its preparation and tea culture from around the world – then you’re in luck…

This Thursday, February 26th, Alice Parsons (renowned author of “The Magic of Tea“) will be live-answering questions on the Tea With Alice Facebook Page.

The live-answering session will run between 12-2pm.

On top of that, we’ll be giving away 3 copies of The Magic of Tea to the 3 most interesting questions.

To take part, either as a question poster or just to read the questions and answers you’ll need to head over to and like our Facebook Page before 12pm this Thursday.

Hope to see you there!

Alice xxx

The Magic of Tea

Alice-ParsonsWe’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our blog team – Alice Parsons (yes, another Alice!)

Alice is the author of “The Magic of Tea” a beautiful homage to the enchanting world of tea. The Magic of Tea explores the history, rituals, folklore and flavours of the world of tea through the arc of the day amongst other things.

Below she contemplates the leaf as well as sharing some history on Russian Caravan. We love Russian Caravan tea and featured an amazing blend in a recent monthly box under the name “Caravanserai”.

We hope you find this, and future posts written by Alice, as fascinating as we do.


Tea is like my oxygen! It really is. If you are reading this I imagine you may feel the same way; or close? What makes tea so magical? For me there are countless attributes to this glorious, little, power-packed leaf; and the staggering assortment of drinks it brings to us is unerringly reliable.

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What’s In The Box Alice?

ALCIE, blue dressAs you might have guessed, Tea with Alice is a tea company that’s a little bit different. We are on a tea adventure exploring the astounding and delicious world of tea.

Each month there are 12 different teas that I handpick to be in that month’s box. Our special customers get four different teas depending on what kind of teas they like. For example, if they like black tea then I’ll only send them black tea, if it’s herbals (tisanes) then they are the only ones they will receive. If they are highly adventurous and want a mix then I’ll hand select a tea from each types that suits them.

Needless to say people are always asking me “What’s in the box this month Alice?”. Great question. Every month is different. Last month – our November 2014 box – we had some real standouts. Here are a few to wet your whistle.

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Alice’s Guide to A Delicious Cup of Tea

Alice’s Guide to A Delicious Cup of Tea

ALICE, Red dress & cup

One of my many tea cups.

Preparing tea is an ancient art. There are thousands of different ways of preparing tea and many people have their own special methods of creating the perfect brew.

Making a delicious cup of tea is a combination of tea leaves, the amount of water used, the temperature, the brewing time (infusion), and the type of vessel you are using (usually a teapot). Different types of tea require different processes to bring out the best in them, and preparation can make all the difference.

With something so complex, a short post like this can only scratch the surface, so I’ve gone for simplicity over depth.

If you discover a new way of brewing that tickles your fancy, please share it with me via our social media. We love to hear the latest to keep our tea taste buds tantalized!

And remember to enjoy your precious tea time. It’s a special moment made just for you.

Alice’s Tips on Preparing Your Teapot:

  • Begin with cold water (tap or filtered), and heat it in your kettle or pot.
  • Use that hot water to then heat your teapot, by pouring a small amount of hot water into the teapot and swirling it around. Please be careful – it’s hot! Discard the water after heating your teapot for one to two minutes.

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A cuppa with Mez – An Everyday Tea Lover…

Editor: This is a guest post by Meredith Gordon. Meredith is a Tea With Alice subscriber who receives Black and Green tea as part of her monthly box. We are delighted that she is this month’s guest Alice blogger. 



I’ll never forget buying my first box of loose leaf tea at 14 years old. I felt so grown up, as I used my hard earned pocket money on a box of chocolate flavoured black tea. It was the beginning of my tea obsession…

I’ve since grown into being known as the “tea guru” in my circle of friends and my own tea collection, what started as one, has grown in number; from black teas, to green, white and flavoured, tisanes and the odd herbal blend. And not only has my tea collection itself grown, but the places in which I’ve found them and those who stock such amazing teas (or send them to my door ) have also been widened as I search for new blends to add to my growing treasury.  But while I wouldn’t dub myself as the “tea guru”, an avid tea drinker I am quite happy to accept as being more realistic.

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